Protein Supplements: How to Choose the Best One for Building Muscle?

Protein Supplements: How to Choose the Best One for Building Muscle?

Protein Supplements How to Choose the Best One for Building Muscle

Protein is the building block of the body and is responsible for structuring muscles. When one thinks about gaining weight or body muscles, the first thing that comes to mind is eating a lot of protein. But sometimes, eating may not be the most effective solution, and eating a lot of lean meat may not be helpful. So what's the most effective solution for this? Protein powders and whey powders are the solution.

Protein supplements

One can find many nutritional supplements on the market, but the two most popular ones are:

Soy: It is one of the most popular options when it comes to nutritional supplements. Soy protein is beneficial for lowering cholesterol and also for reducing the problem of osteoporosis. Also for women experiencing menopause, soy protein can be very effective.
Whey: Whey protein is another effective and popular form of protein supplement. It is a good idea to use it daily after your workout sessions. It is effective in reducing stress as well as in increasing energy levels. It can also be digested easily.
There are a few other uncommon options like hemp, rice, milk, and peas, etc.

When to use a protein supplement?

While taking any type of supplement, timing and dose are the most important thing, otherwise you may not see the desired result. Therefore, to get the desired result, from protein powder, you must keep in mind the ultimate goal of taking the protein.

If you want to control weight and maintain a balanced body mass, then eating protein at every meal can be the best solution. Also, pair your protein intake with some snacks to break the monotony.

And if the goal is to gain muscle and recover from muscle fatigue after a workout, then a post-workout protein powder can be a great option. Protein helps repair and develop muscles.

The amount of protein to be consumed once as part of each meal should be 3 ounces. However, this amount can be calibrated depending on the goal and the person's ability to handle the protein.

How to choose the right protein powder?

For every purpose, there are different protein powder available in the market. Some of the points that need to be considered in order to make the right decision are:

Weight Loss: For weight loss, choose powder that does not contain added dextrin, maltodextrin, and sugars. Also, make sure you don't have any BCAAs in it.
Muscle Building: To build muscle, the biological value of protein powder should be high. Choose whey isolate for this.
Vegetarian: Vegetarians or vegans should choose plant-based protein and not milk-based protein.
Kidney problem: Those with kidney disorders should not have a lot of protein supplementation and should keep the biological value low.
Check Ingredients: Always check the ingredients before choosing any protein shake or supplement. If you have diabetes, avoid added sugars, and if you have trouble digesting, avoid sugars.


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