health benefits of yoga

benefits of yoga & health benefits of yoga

benefits of yoga

Builds Muscle
You might not think that the bending and holding yourself up is building a lot of muscles, but practicing yoga works just as well as going to the gym to lift light weights because you’re using the weight of your body against you. However, what makes yoga practice so powerful when it comes to building muscle is that it also builds flexibility. These two go hand in hand. It’s not a good thing to have a lot of muscle without being flexible, too because you could tear a muscle easier and have to start all over again.

Prevents Joint and Cartilage Breakdown
Every time you do yoga middot, you take the joints through their full range of motion. yoga can help  prevent degenerative joint diseases like arthritis, and it yoga helps avoid disabilities through squeezing and soaking the cartilage. Joint cartilage is just like a sponge, and when it’s always soaked it doesn’t absorb nutrients, so it periodically has to be squeezed out in order to soak up new fluids with fresh nutrients for it to use.

Betters Bone Health
It’s been heavily studied and proven that weight-bearing exercises will strengthen your bones, thus helping you avoid diseases like osteoporosis. Many postures in intermediate to advanced practice yoga require that you lift your body weight off the floor. Some, such as downward dog and upward facing dog, will help strengthen your arm muscles and bones. Yoga practice also increases bone density in your vertebrae.

Increased Blood Flow
One of the health benefits of yoga
practicing yoga gets the blood pumping through your body. The relaxation exercises help your circulation,especially to the hands and feet. It also helps transport more oxygen to the cells, which function better when they’re oxygenated. Twisting poses will wring out the venous blood from the internal organs, such as it squeezes the fluid from the cartilage, and this helps encourage the old blood to flow back to the heart. This especially helps people who have kidney or heart problems.

Drains Lymph Nodes and Boosts Immunity
Contract and stretching the muscles move the organs around and helps increase the drainage of lymph, a fluid that’s high in immune cells. Doing this helps the lymphatic system fight off cancerous cells, infection, and dispose of toxic waste products.

yoga helps Stress Relief
We all suffer from a form of stress and depression in our life, the constant movement and fast pace of modern life has increased people’s stress levels immensely. Breathing is an important part of practicing yoga, and when you allow your body even just a few minutes of concentrated breathing with no outside stimulation it will relax and exhale the stresses of your day. As human beings, we spend our days constantly moving and spend very little time trying to quiet our minds and bodies, which puts an immeasurable amount of unforeseen stresses and depression on your body. If you do not take the time to release these stresses that have built up from your day-to-day life you can make your body weaker and more prone to injury. Through the practice of yoga middot, the mind is quiet and with each breath and each pose, the stress of your day will melt away.

Weight Loss
Many yoga practitioners are clean eaters and mindful of their overall body's health. Studies have shown that those who practice yoga have an overall lower body mass index (BMI), many attribute this to the mindfulness. Those who practice yoga are more likely to be mindful of their food intake and what their body needs to thrive. Those who practice yoga tend to be less likely to overeat and have a more positive relationship with food. With this positive relationship, the practitioner is less likely to be overweight.

Increased energy
The breathing method used in yoga causes the body to slow down and forces it to begin a recharging process that is useful in this hectic world. The breathing method is naturally energizing and can help blood flow, which sends more oxygen to the brain and increasing energy. Getting up for even just a few minutes a day can change your energy level immensely. Yoga will help to elevate your mood and make you feel refreshed and energized.

Improved Immunity
The immune system is our body's defense from the outside world. Any imbalance in your body can affect the mind, just as any imbalance in the mind can affect the body. Everything is connected; the mind, body, and soul. Yoga poses are meant to massage and stretch the internal and external parts of your body which can strengthen your muscles, increase your circulation and detoxify the body. When the mind is cleansed the body is cleansed and is more able to fight off toxins and outside illness.

Improving flexibility
For many who practice yoga, their flexibility improves after just a few classes. Many poses are meant to loosen the joints and muscles, allowing you to get closer and closer to touching your toes after each class. Each pose allows your body to stretch as far as physically possible and allows the joins and muscle a new range of motion that they may not have had before. A body with a greater range of motion is less prone to injury because it can handle some stress being place on it.


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